100% Pure Steam Gift Card Codes -2023

What is Steam Gift Card?

If you’re like us, you use your Steam Wallet to purchase games on Steam. So, the problem is that you might end up using them in more than one place. That can get very confusing and expensive to keep track of. That’s where a Steam Gift Card comes in.

Steam Gift Cards are essentially a physical Steam wallet (we’re not using actual physical Steam wallets here).

How to Get Steam Gift Card?

Steam Gift Card can be purchased through Valveā€™s official website for $50, $100, $250 and $500, depending on the amount of funds you have. These gift cards cannot be redeemed towards purchases for physical goods. They can only be used towards game purchases on Steam.

How to Use Steam Gift Card?

Open Steam Account on your computer and click the Store tab. Now choose your payment method from the drop down list on the right. (NOTE: Right now Steam is still restricted in regards to US and Canada.)

Choose “Store Credit Card” if it’s not already selected. Now click the purchase button on your bank’s website, and type in your Steam Gift Card code.

How to Redeem Steam Gift Card?

You will need your email address to join our community so we can keep you up to date on our progress.

You will then receive an email with details of the redemption of your Gift Card. Make sure you keep this email safe until you redeem your Steam Gift Card on Steam

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